Best support classes in Lost Ark

The choice won't be hard.

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There are five classes to choose from in Lost Ark, and this choice is definitive for all characters created. After choosing one class, players will then have the option to choose an advanced class during the tutorial. Each one of them offers distinct playstyles for every kind of players, and they’re available for testing before you commit to a choice.

Although Lost Ark has the three traditional roles from the MMO genre—DPS, tanks, and supports—the lines are more blurred than usual. All classes can hold their own in terms of DPS. Tanks and supports can complete high-end dungeons all by themselves, similar to the pure DPS classes.

The support classes, however, still offer essential utility to their allies, including buffs and heals. Here are the best support classes in Lost Ark.

What are the best support classes in Lost Ark?

The answer to this question is easy at the time of writing. There are only two full support classes in the game’s 2022 western release, but they are so different that it’s hard to say if one is better than the other. Having both in a party is useful, so they won’t fight over which one is best to take with a party for raids, dungeons, and other activities.

The two support classes in Lost Ark after its western release are Bard, an advanced class for Mages, and Paladin, an advanced class for Warriors. While the Bard is a pure caster class, the Paladin is a tank specialization, which makes their playstyles different.


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The Bard is one of two advanced classes from the Mage. She’s a caster who uses her harp to deal damage to her enemies. Her strong point lies in her crowd control abilities. She can push the enemies back and stun them, offering more time windows to her allies to deal damage. She can deal significant amounts of damage when choosing a damage-oriented build.

She also has a healing ability and can deal tremendous damage from afar. The Bard has to watch her positioning at all times, however, since she’s more squishy than the Paladin.


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The Paladin is a Warrior that uses the power of the gods to wreak havoc and protect his allies. He wields a massive sword when dealing damage and a holy book when supporting the party, and this combination makes him very versatile.

He can deal significant damage, shield himself, and heal his allies. The official website showcases most of the Paladin’s abilities, which put him closer to his targets than the Bard.