Best light armor sets for Magicka DPS in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

There is a lot to choose from.

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Most MMORPGs have a magic-based character, and Elder Scrolls Online has no shortage of them. Magicka governs your class abilities and your Destruction Staff skills, giving you a pool to cast spells and influencing your Spell Damage. Magicka allows classes to lean into the most unique aspects of their classes, and when it comes to that, having the right tools for the job matters.

ESO has plenty of build variety, with each class boasting three unique trees as well as the weapon trees players can spec into. Dealing damage as a Magicka-based character, however, isn’t just about having the right rotations or buffs. Using the right sets to boost your attributes and bolster your firepower matters, and ESO offers a host of sets for Magicka-based characters.

Though some sets outperform others, ESO offers a wide range of sets for Magicka DPS characters, each with its own effects. You’ll find plenty to chase in trials or dungeons, but some easy-to-obtain sets are also among the best choices. Here are the best armor sets for Magicka DPS in ESO, ranked in no particular order.

The best light armor sets for Magicka DPS in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

Mother’s Sorrow

Screengrab via ESO-hub
  • Source: Deshaan (Overland)
  • Required DLC: None

The Mother’s Sorrow set is a classic for Magicka-based characters thanks to how easy it is to obtain and how effective it can be. It brings enough Critical Chance to make sure you’ll hit those big numbers, whether you’re healing or dealing damage, and it’s available from Guild Traders all over Tamriel. It’s one of the most beginner-friendly sets you’ll find, but it’s also among the most effective.

War Maiden

Screengrab via ESO-Hub
  • Source: Vvardenfell (Overland)
  • Required DLC: Morrowind (free for all players)

The War Maiden set helps you double down on firepower by giving you Spell Damage and Critical Chance. It’s also an overland set, which means you can find it in Guild Traders. If you’re looking to try out a Magicka-based build, find a spot with good Guild Traders, stock up on Mother’s Sorrow and War Maiden, and you’ll be pretty much set up. That should be enough to help you chase other sets on the list, or enough to hold your own in most content.

False God’s Devotion

  • Source: Sunspire (Trial)
  • Required DLC: Elsweyr

False God’s Devotion is a Trial set, meaning it can be trickier to obtain. The Perfected version of it brings you some extra Spell Damage, but False God’s Devotion brings a mix of firepower and sustain. It’s a powerful and comfortable set, and definitely worth considering if you have access to it.

Order’s Wrath

Screengrab via ESO-hub
  • Source: High Isle (Craftable)
  • Required DLC: High Isle

One of the newest sets coming in with High Isle, Order’s Wrath is easy to build and effective. Crafting it needs three researched traits in each piece, which means it’s accessible even for beginners. Additionally, it boosts your Critical Damage and Critical Healing, which is why it’s also on our list of best armor sets for healers in ESO.

Law of Julianos

Screengrab via ESO-hub
  • Source: Wrothgar (Craftable)
  • Required DLC: Orsinium

Law of Julianos joins the ranks of A Mother’s Sorrow, War Maiden, and Order’s Wrath as an easy-to-obtain set that packs a punch. Craft this in Wrothgar after researching six traits and enjoy the benefits it brings. As a bonus, it being craftable allows you to split your pieces and make five pieces of heavy armor and two in light if you’re looking for a Magicka-based tank, or whatever other combination you can think of.

Scathing Mage

Screengrab via ESO-Hub
  • Source: Imperial City Prison (dungeon)
  • Required DLC: Imperial City

Scathing Mage is one of the best single-target sets in the game. Its hefty boosts to Spell Damage can be refilled fairly quickly, especially if you’re light attacking alongside your skills, giving it plenty of uptime. Add to that some extra Critical Chance and some Magicka on the top, and this is definitely worth chasing.

Bahsei’s Mania

  • Source: Rockgrove (Trial)
  • Required DLC: Blackwood

You’re going to burn through your Magicka to cause damage, and Bahsei’s Mania increases your damage done based on the missing Magicka. It’s a powerful set, especially if you can maintain its uptime by intentionally keeping your Magicka bar on the low end.

Spell Strategist

Screengrab via ESO-Hub
  • Source: Cyrodiil
  • Required DLC: None

What does any damage set need? More damage, of course. If you’re weaving your light attack (which you should be doing), you’ll get plenty of uptime in the Spell Strategist set, which will vastly boost your single-target damage. The downside of it is that it’s a PvP set, so players may not be that drawn to Cyrodiil to get it.

Valkyn Skoria

Screengrab via ESO-Hub
  • Source: City of Ash II (Head), Undaunted Chest (shoulders)
  • Required DLC: None

One of the best-looking sets in the base game, Valkyn Skoria is perfect for players who use damage-over-time effects. With how many they are (and how generous ESO is with the notion of “damage over time,”) you’ll find yourself hurling meteors at your enemies fairly often, and the added Offensive Penetration is definitely not a bad bonus. If you don’t have anything to put on your head or shoulder slot, just one part of the Skoria set will also give you some benefits.


Image via ESO-Hub
  • Source: Wayrest Sewers I (Head), Undaunted Chest (Shoulder)
  • Required DLC: None

Buffs can be the name of the game if you’re looking to bolster your DPS, whether you’re using Magicka or Stamina, and Slimecraw helps you with both Critical Chance and a free Minor Berserk. Though there are other sources of Minor Berserk, having it for free isn’t a bad option.

Maw of the Infernal

Screengrab via ESO-Hub
  • Source: The Banished Cells II
  • Required DLC: None

You’ll get plenty of uptime on this set if you’re weaving your light attacks after a skill, and the Daedroth is just passive extra damage. There are better Monster sets than this, but Maw of the Infernal isn’t exactly a bad choice—much to the dismay of your tank, who will also have to be aware that there is a colossal Daedroth within his vicinity, possibly covering their screen as well.