Best healer builds in New World

Heal your allies in battle.

In New World, like other MMO titles, you’ll need a group of different player roles if you want to clear the expeditions and PvP combat that you’ll fight through on your way to complete the story. A competent healer will add to any party, supporting their allies in any battle.

Healing in New World is similar to other games. But with the dual weapon system, healers can be responsible for a whole lot more than simply keeping teammates alive. To get the best results as a healer, you’ll want to select the right build. Here are some of the best healer builds you can experiment with to find the best one suited to your playstyle.

Best Healer Builds in New World

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Right now, the only weapon capable of healing in New World is the Life Staff. You’ll want to master this weapon no matter what build you select. 

If you’re looking for the best way to level up this healing weapon, then you may want to check out our Life Staff build, which will provide in-depth details of how to get the most out of this weapon. If you’re after an alternative healing build, here are some of the best ideas players have developed so far.

Support Healer (Hatchet)

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The main role of a healer is to keep their allies alive, and this build crafted by a user does this perfectly while also offering plenty of buffs to grant them.

For the healing side of this build, you’ll want to take Sacred Ground and Beacon for plenty of AOE healing to allies. This is extremely helpful in expeditions where players are grouped around a foe. The last ability to take is Orb of Protection. This is going to give allies fortify along with extra healing.

The debuffs are going to come from the secondary weapon, the Hatchet. You’ll want Rending Throw to apply Rend to enemies, Social Distancing to slow oncoming attacks, and finally Infected Throw to apply disease.

To top this build off, go ahead and put all of your Personal Attributes into Focus. For armor, you’ll likely want to choose between medium or heavy for the extra durability.

Wanna Be Paladin (Warhammer)

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In another build from, players will have adequate healing abilities while supplying damage, stuns, and debuffs on the front line.

You’ll want to take Warhammer alongside the Life Staff, and that will become key to your playstyle when in battle. For the Warhammer, take Armor Breaker for the debuff, Mighty Hammer to deal some devastating damage, and finally Shockwave for some CC stunning purposes.

The Life Staff is going to be used mainly for AOE healing so again, go ahead and take Sacred Ground and Beacon. Then, you’ll want to top off the Life Staff mastery build with Life’s Embrace for targeted heals.

As for Personal Attributes, you’ll want to put most of them into Focus to buff your healing power, while the rest go into either Strength for damage or Constitution to provide some much-needed durability. To top the build off and fulfil your paladin oath, take Heavy Armor for even more durability.