Best Life Staff Build in New World

Help out your team by keeping them alive.

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New World is nearing its official release, and thanks to the beta testing phases, players have gotten an idea of the weapon choices in the game and what works best for them.

The best choice for those who are planning to go the route of healing in New World is undoubtedly the Life Staff. While there are plenty of different ways to build this weapon, there are some keys you need to know if you want to do work in both PvP and PvE.

Builds in New World aren’t only limited to weapon abilities, but also include your personal attributes, armor set, and choice of secondary weapon to pair with. Here is a build originally crafted by YouTuber Studeee and is one of the best available to use today.

Personal Attributes

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The first thing you’ll need to consider is what personal attributes should be taken with your Life Staff. While it may be simple to stack all your points into Focus, given this is the only stat that actively buffs the power of the weapon, you will need some variety.

If you want the best results, you should place the majority of your attribute points into Focus, leveling it up to 300 where you will see a huge buff in not only the healing power but also your mana usage.

Along with Focus, you’ll want to reach at least 200 with your Constitution also. This is going to provide much-needed durability that will come in extremely handy in PvP engagements when the healer quickly becomes the target of foes.

Second Weapon and Armor

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While you do have choices when it comes to pairing with the Life Staff, the main thing to consider is debuffs. Thus, the Ice Gauntlett makes a perfect companion.

With the Ice Gauntlet, you can cast a variety of slows against foes, preparing for oncoming attacks not only in PvP but also during Expeditions. The Ice Gauntlet also has the ability Entombed, which will allow you to freeze yourself into a bed of ice, escaping some potential life-threatening situations.

As for armor, you’re going to need something that will accentuate durability, given that you’ll often be targeted by other players. Either medium or heavy armor is viable. It is really up to finding the best armor you can acquire within these two classes.

Weapon Mastery

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You’ll take three key abilities when using the Life Staff, coming from both the Healing and the Protector sides of the skill tree.

First, you’ll definitely want to get Divine Embrace. This will be the healing skill that you’ll use most often thanks to its burst healing that comes in handy whenever you or your allies are under attack. You’ll want to take the Privilege passive on this ability along with Shared Struggle, which will both bolster the skill’s effects, making it more mana efficient and able to heal multiple targets.

The next key ability to take is Orb of Protection, another buffing ability that won’t just heal allies, but also grant them a defensive buff. This is one of the few damaging abilities in the Life Staff healing tree, so it also doubles as a handy offensive tool when questing alone. You’ll want the Protector’s Blessing passive also to increase its healing capabilities.

Finally, the last key ability in this build is Beacon, the most mana-efficient healing ability available for the Life Staff. You’ll also want all its available passive upgrades, increasing its size, duration, and the haste of allies while buffed. This is also another move that can be used to damage foes.

There are a bunch of standalone passives you’ll want to take for more healing and mana management purposes. Here is a list of how you can round out the build.

  • Absolved
  • Mending Touch
  • Blissful Touch
  • Revitalize
  • Enchanted Justice
  • Intensify
  • Sacred Protection
  • Bend Light
  • Protector’s Strength
  • Divine Blessing