Amazon Games to roll out massive bot ban wave next week in Lost Ark

The devs have been struggling to curb the issue since the game's launch.

Image via Smilegate

Amazon Games is set to roll out a massive ban wave of Lost Ark bots next week, the developer has revealed in a recent forum post.

“While we are always banning bots from the game, with this large-scale ban wave you should expect to see more significant fluctuations in the number of concurrent users playing Lost Ark, and queues should decrease over time,” community manager Roxx said.

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“We know that the botting issue has been an ongoing pain point for players, and that there’s still work to be done,” they added. “Our teams at Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG are continuing to work through a variety of tools and options to rid Arkesia of bots at a larger scale.”

An abundance of bots is an issue all free-to-play games struggle with, but this issue has seemingly worsened in Lost Ark since the launch of the game’s first high-end duty Legion Raid in May.

Following its launch and at every reset on Thursdays, the North American servers have been flooded with bots even in low-activity hours, forcing real players to deal with long queues. And even now, many of the game’s Occidental servers are labeled as “Busy” at every hour of the day.

The game’s economy has also seen the price of the rarest items skyrocket overtime on the Market Board.

For these reasons, the incoming ban wave has been highly anticipated by many players of the game. But it’s still unclear what impact it will have on the negative effects the bots are having on the general player experience.