All void gauntlet abilities in New World

Here's a breakdown of the void gauntlet, New World's newest weapon.

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New World’s void gauntlet is a new weapon of choice for most healers in Aeternum.

Scaling off Intelligence and Focus (with Intelligence as a primary), the void gauntlet lets players buff allies, debuff enemies, heal teammates, and, more importantly, summon a Void Blade. In addition, it has the Essence Harvest mechanic, which converts health into mana when blocking with the weapon.

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The void gauntlet offers different avenues for play, though healers may find themselves having to dip into Intelligence for extra power on the weapon. Here’s a breakdown of the void gauntlet’s abilities in New World as it stands on the Public Test Realm (PTR).

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Annihilation skill tree

The Annihilation skill tree focuses on offense, with buffs and crowd control. It’s where you’ll find the Void Blade—the flagship ability of this weapon, but hardly the only way to use it. The passives add sustain, cooldown reduction, and Empower when casting an ability within five meters of an enemy, which stacks up to three times.

Here’s a breakdown of each ability, from left to right and from top to bottom.

Forsaken Pact+10 percent damage while below 50 percent mana.
Void Blade (Ability)Summon a blade of Void energy that converts your basic attacks to melee. Tap Basic Attack to perform a quick slash that deals 100 percent weapon damage or hold to perform a thrust attack that deals 150 percent weapon damage. Both attacks inflict Disintegrate on successful hits, dealing five percent weapon damage per second and reducing damage absorption by five percent for eight seconds. Stacks up to three times. Duration: 15 seconds. Cooldown: 25 seconds. Costs 20 mana.
Keen Confidence+10 percent Critical Chance while above 50 percent health
Keen Humility+10 percent Critical Chance while all abilities are on cooldown
Fortified Blade (Void Blade Upgrade 1)Gain Fortify on start, increasing damage absorption by 20 percent for five seconds.
Refreshing Precision+10 percent Cooldown Reduction on all abilities on Critical Hit
Oblivion (Ability)Summon a circular rift of Void energy at your feet that deals 30 percent weapon damage per second to enemies and grants Empower to self and friendlies, increasing damage by 20 percent. Radius: five meters. Duration: six seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds. Costs 30 mana.
Petrifying Scream (Ability)Unleash a Void-infused scream, dealing 100 percent weapon damage, staggering and inflicting Root to enemies five meters in front of you. Disables enemy movement for two seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds. Costs 25 mana.
Empowering Proximity Gain Empower when casting abilities within five meters of an enemy, increasing damage by 10 percent for five seconds. Stacks up to three times.
Efficient HarvestHarvest Essence health drain is reduced by 50 percent while below 25 percent mana.
Withering Oblivion (Oblivion upgrade 1)Your attacks inflict Weaken to targets inside the radius, reducing their damage by five percent for five seconds per hit. Stacks up to three times.
Bone-Chilling Voice (Petrifying Scream upgrade 1)Root duration increased by one second on targets below 50 percent health.
Vicious Void (Void Blade Upgrade 2)+10 percent Critical Damage on Void Blade attacks.
Leeching AgonyOn Critical Hit, gain health equal to 15 percent of damage done.
Invigorating Oblivion (upgrade 2)+15 Stamina per second for second and all friendlies while inside the radius.
Fortifying Echoes (Petrifying Scream upgrade 2)Gain Fortify for each enemy hit, increasing damage absorption by 10 percent for 10 seconds per hit. Stacks up to three times.
Refreshing FrailtyAdds five percent cooldown reduction on all abilities when successfully hitting enemies afflicted by three or more debuff stacks (can be from different debuffs)
Leeching Blade (Void Blade upgrade 3)Successful thrust attacks (heavy attacks) heal self for five percent of weapon damage per Disintegrate stack on target. Scales exclusively with Focus.
Voidcaller (capstone)On successful ability hit, gain a stack of Void Essence. At six stacks, consume all stacks and gain a three-meter aura that heals self and friendlies for 30 percent weapon damage and deals 30 percent weapon damage per second to enemies within. Healing scales exclusively with Focus. Duration: five seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Decay skill tree

The Decay skill tree doesn’t have the same outright offensive potential as Annihilation, but it can offer valuable buffs to allies and easily debuff enemies. In addition, Essence Rupture adds free healing to any character’s arsenal.

Here’s a breakdown of each ability, from left to right and from top to bottom.

Deadly Range+10 percent damage on successful ranged heavy attacks against targets more than eight meters away
Orb of Decay (ability)Fire an unblockable orb that passes through enemies, deals 100 percent weapon damage, and inflicts Disintegrate, dealing five percent weapon damage per second and reducing damage absorption by five percent for eight seconds. Stacks up to three times. At max range, it transforms into a healing orb and returns, healing friendlies for 20 percent weapon damage per second for five seconds. Healing scales exclusively with Focus. Cooldown: 15 seconds. Cost: 20 mana.
Fervent ThirstReturns five percent mana per successful ranged light attack against targets afflicted by your void gauntlet debuffs.
Baleful Tether (ability)Fire a projectile that tethers you to an enemy, Weakening it and Empowering you by four percent per second (20 percent maximum). The tether ends if the target moves beyond 15 meters. Duration: 10 seconds.
Radiant EfficiencyMana costs are reduced by 25 percent while above 50 percent health
Draining Orb (Decay upgrade 1)Gain five percent mana per enemy hit by the orb.
Refreshing HarvestCooldowns are reduced by 10 percent per second while performing Harvest Essence.
Tethered Refresh (Baleful Tether Upgrade)Successful hits against the tethered target reduce other void gauntlet cooldowns by five percent.
Leeching BoltsHealing from ranged heavy attacks is increased by an additional 30 percent of damage dealt if target is below 50 percent health.
Slowing Orb (Orb of Decay upgrade 2)The orb slows enemies already affected by any debuff, reducing their movement speed by 30 percent for three seconds.
Essence Rupture (ability)Fire a projectile that inflicts Essence Rupture for 10 seconds, healing anyone that hits the target for 20 percent of the damage done. Does not apply to damage over time. Costs 25 mana. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
Tethered Focus (Tether upgrade 2)+100 percent mana regeneration while the tether is active.
Detonating Orb (Orb of Decay upgrade 3) Press the ability input again to detonate the orb with a four-meter explosion radius. Depending on the orb’s phase, the explosion will either damage enemies for 100 percent weapon damage and apply a stack of Disintegrate or heal friendlies for 70 percent weapon damage. Healing scales exclusively with Focus.
Extended SufferingSuccessful ranged heavy attacks increase the duration of non-crowd control debuffs you have applies by 10 percent.
Invigorating Rupture (Essence Rupture upgrade 1)Players additionally receive 15 stamina when hitting the afflicted target.
Soul Eater (Baleful Tether upgrade 3)Regain 80 percent weapon damage as health if the tethered target dies. Scales exclusively with Focus.
Mending EvasionDodging with full mana heals you for 80 percent weapon damage. Scales exclusively with Focus. Cooldown: 20 seconds
Overflowing Essence (Essence Rupture upgrade 2)Friendlies within four meters of the afflicted target are healed for 80 percent of your weapon damage when Essence Rupture ends. Scales exclusively with Focus.
Glimpse of the Void (capstone)Gain a stack of Void Essence per successful ability hit. At four or more stacks, your next successful ranged heavy attack will instantly reset all void gauntlet cooldowns and remove all stacks. Cooldown: 15 seconds.

While Decay won’t be your primary source of damage, you can use Baleful Tether in conjunction with Void Blade for extra sustain and more cooldowns—and any healer can benefit from the healing in Essence Rupture. Essence Rupture can be slotted with the void gauntlet as a secondary in any build for extra sustain, but Baleful Tether disappears after switching weapons.


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