What time does Minecraft Championships (MCC) 20 start?

Set your alarms.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

Noxcrew, the organizer of the Minecraft Championship (MCC) has been on a break for the last three months, and fans have been anticipating their return and 20th iteration of the event.

The event will have the same format, featuring 40 content creators that will be divided into 10 teams. These teams will compete in various mini-games, and the best-performing ones will advance in the tournament. The two teams that make it to the end will have a chance to duel it out for the victory crown.

While tuning in to the mainstream will often be the best idea to spectate the start of the tournament, fans can enhance their viewing experience by checking out their favorite content creators’ streams. With fewer teams remaining in the competition, you’ll have a chance to see how teams function and join in on their hype as they battle for survival.

When does the Minecraft Championships (MCC) 20 start?

MCC 20 is scheduled to kick off on March 26 at 3pm CT. Streams of players participating in the event are likely to go live before the event starts alongside the event’s official stream.

If you’re looking to stay up to date with the event, make sure to follow the tournament’s Twitter page as the organizers share the latest details with the fans through there.

The teams participating in the event can be found here, and fans can check out the mini-games featured in the event on Noxcrew’s official website.