How to watch Minecraft Championship (MCC) 20

Back and rested.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

The Minecraft Championship (MCC) is finally coming off its lengthy break, and it’ll be making its seasonal debut on March 26.

MCC 19, the last event before Noxcrew took a break, was held in December, featuring some of the most notable names in the Minecraft scene. The 20th edition looks to be no different than its predecessors, featuring Minecraft creators and more.

Though fans can spectate the event via the mainstream, it’s just one of the few ways of tuning into the MCC. The admin stream, running on Noxcrew’s official Twitch channel, is often the best place to spectate the event due to the number of actively competing players.

The admin stream does an excellent job of covering all the important bits, and players will always have the option to switch over to their favorite streamer’s channel for a change. With more teams eliminated each round, players will have an easier time when it comes to tuning into other streams. Considering the stakes also get higher, fans will get to feel the hype and pressure, especially in the final game.

If MCC 20 will be your first event, we recommend kicking it off on the main channel. You can also have your favorite streamer’s channel on another tab and even utilize a second screen if you have one.

MCC 20 is scheduled to go live on March 26, 2pm CT.