How to turn on coordinates in Minecraft

It's easier than you think.

Image via Mojang

In Minecraft, players are given infinite possibilities to explore the generated worlds. You can venture beyond seas, dig dozens of blocks beneath you, or build skyscrapers.

There are cons to everything, though. One of them when it comes to Minecraft’s exploration is that there is no real map system unless you’re using mods. Sure, the players will find treasure maps along with their adventures, but they’re not really useful for any other purposes. This can be irritating, especially when playing multiplayer with your friends.

But there is one mechanic that has been saving Minecraft players for years now: coordinates. They allow gamers to define their location or a certain object’s location in a game world.

The coordinates in Minecraft are as simple as they can be. They all define the player’s distance from the origin point. And since there is one universal origin point for every game world, it has been of great use for the players.

Three of them—the X-axis, Z-axis, and Y-axis—are all you need to define your whereabouts in the game. The former tells you your distance east (positive) or west (negative) from the origin point, while the second indicates your distance south (positive) or north (negative). The last one underlines how high or low the player is.

Since coordinates in Minecraft are so pivotal, many fresh players are wondering how to turn them on. And quite frankly, it couldn’t have been easier.

In Minecraft: Java Edition, they are enabled by default and all you need to do is to click F3 in the game. Once you do that, the debug overlay will be brought up to your screen, with your current coordinates displayed as well.

In Bedrock Edition, you’ll have to go to the Game tab in the Settings menu. There, you’ll need to enable coordinates by clicking the “Show Coordinates” option. Once you do that, they will be displayed in the game.

Some players may choose to run a Bedrock Edition server in Minecraft. To enable the users of the server to observe their coordinates, the admin will have to type “/gamerule showcoordinates true” in the console.