Marvel Snap April 2023 season leak: All cards, Hit-Monkey battle pass, variants, and more

You haven't seen a monkey like this.

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Marvel Snap fans have reason to be doubly excited every time there’s a new game update. Each time the game updates, new content is added and cards are re-balanced to help make the game more fun, such as a recent balance update that buffed Thanos and Sandman and nerfed Darkhawk. But it doesn’t end there.

Every time the Marvel Snap files are updated, the developers at Second Dinner add future content to the game’s files. And sooner rather than later, the files are datamined and players get a glimpse at what’s to come.

Here’s what datamines have revealed about Marvel Snap’s April 2023 season.

Marvel Snap April 2023 season: Hit-Monkey

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On Feb. 21, Marvel Snap’s files were updated to include information about the April 2023 season. The information was quickly datamined and it was revealed that none other than Hit-Monkey will be the battle pass card for April.

Hit-Monkey is, you guessed it, a hitman and a monkey. He’s the star of his own animated Hulu series and comic book, and he’s previously battled against heroes such as Spider-Man and teamed up with others like Deadpool.

The battle pass for April 2023 includes Hit-Monkey, along with variants for Cosmo and Goose, along with three avatars and two more Marvel Snap card backs.

Marvel Snap Hit-Monkey leaked card abilities

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  • 2 Energy, 0 Power
  • On Reveal: Gain +3 Power for each other card you played this turn.

Hit-Monkey has zero power, but is buffed immensely when you play multiple cards before him in the same turn. This could lead to some crazy turn-six plays when combining him with other low-cost cards. Synergies will likely include Sera and any other card that reduces energy costs.

Marvel Snap April 2023 season cards leak

Several of the April season’s cards were found within the datamine from Feb. 21. These cards will likely be added to Series Five throughout the season’s duration.

Jeff the Baby Land Shark

  • 2 Energy, 3 Power
  • You can move this once. Nothing can stop you from moving or playing this to any location.


  • 1 Energy, 2 Power
  • While in your hand, this transforms each turn into a Hawk (3 Energy, 4 Power) or a Bear (5 Energy, 3 Power).


  • 4 Energy, 5 Power
  • On Reveal: Move an enemy card from here to another location.

When does Marvel Snap’s April 2023 season start?

According to the datamine, April 2023’s season will begin on April 3 at 9pm CT. This lines up directly with previous datamines about the March 2023 season, which features the card Nimrod.


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