A Marvel Snap player created probably the most powerful rock ever

You need to try this rock-solid strategy for yourself.

Miles Morales' Spider-Man swings on a web in Marvel Snap.
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Marvel Snap has a lot of cards, but not all are created equal. Some create more cards which are just plain vanilla units, like Rocks, Squirrels, and Raptors. Most of these cards are made just to consume space on locations, potentially disrupting the strategy of your opponents. But as the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and a player made a useless rock a force to be reckoned with.

Reddit user DingInformal1223, who goes by the name of Wardog in Marvel Snap, posted a screen grab from one of their matches. It showed that the user had won all three locations in the game. But what drew interest from other users is that one of the locations had a rock with a massive 53 Power. This might just be the most powerful rock ever made in all of Marvel Snap.

Rocks in Marvel Snap are one-cost, zero-Power cards that are often added to a player’s field or deck to serve as useless filler cards. Units like Korg and Rock Slide throw rocks in a player’s deck, effectively wasting a draw when they’re pulled, while Debrii summons a rock to each of the locations where she is not, blocking the play zones with the weak card. They’re great on-reveal cards. DingInformal1223 made was something special and creative thanks to the other cards that gave the rock its monstrous Power.

The screen grab posted was already the end game result of the match. But it is safe to assume that it was Debrii who summoned the rocks on the Onslaught’s Citadel and Atlantis locations. Debrii was then destroyed because of the Altar of Death location. Creating the rocks was just the beginning, and it was in the Onslaught’s Citadel location where the magic happened.

DingInformal1223’s opponent indirectly played a big role in giving the Rocks their massive Power. Patriot, then copied by Mystique, provided a total of plus four Power points to all vanilla units. But with the effect of the Onslaught’s Citadel location which doubles all the Ongoing effects of the cards there, a total of plus eight Power can be added to vanilla cards.

Both of Patriot and Mystique’s Ongoing abilities were then copied by DingInformal1223’s Super Skrull while placed in Onslaught’s Citadel. And with Onslaught’s ability to double the already doubled Ongoing effects copied by Super Skrull, while Mystique copied the Ongoing ability of Super Skrull, (all of them are in Onslaught’s Citadel). This all resulted in a humongous 48-Power boost to all of DingInformal1223’s vanilla units. The first Rock on Onslaught’s Citadel had 48-Power, while the second rock which was placed in Atlantis had a total of 53-Power thanks to that location’s bonus plus five Power.

The post garnered hilarious reactions from fans, with some even calling it “the most powerful rock in the universe.” It was a rock-solid ongoing card strategy. Indeed, Marvel Snap can potentially unlock some of the smartest and wittiest ways players can win in every match. And in DingInformal1223’s case, that useless Rock at first became the game-winner. A real diamond in the rough.

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