Pick and Ban Standard Gauntlet to be updated to best-of-3 format with Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.14

In preparation for the 1,024-player tournament, Standard Gauntlet matches are best-of-three now.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s Gauntlet mode was recently altered to be an important factor related to the upcoming seasonal tournaments. Now that 324 players can compete for a spot through Gauntlet Qualifiers, and attaining seven wins for a Prime Glory throughout the season improves your odds, Gauntlets have been more competitive than ever.

With Patch 1.14, the remaining two Pick and Ban Standard Gauntlets will be changed to a best-of-three format to fully mirror the tournament experience.

The Standard Gauntlet was already changed once back in Patch 1.10 to give players the chance to simulate a tournament game in a best-of-one environment. But now that players are required to win twice, with two different decks, the previous best strategies will need to be altered since each deck requires an equal chance of winning against a wider array of competition.

Despite the number of wins needed to claim a victory being changed, the deckbuilding rules are still the same as before: 

  • No champions duplicated between decks
  • Different region combinations for each deck
  • Maximum one champion-less deck

Since the number of games needed to claim ultimate victory has been increased, the maximum number of wins for a Prime Glory has been decreased to four wins. It’s unknown if reaching three match wins means you aren’t allowed to lose in that spot, similar to reaching six wins in Expedition and Gauntlet.

While the last chance qualifier on Dec. 4 should still be the Standard Pick and Ban best-of-one, these next two altered Standard Gauntlets will allow players aiming to qualify for the tournament a wealth of experience and practice before the first seasonal tournament.

Players eager to try out the tournament-like best-of-three Standard Gauntlet can do so after Patch 1.14 drops tomorrow, Nov. 11. The next two best-of-three Standard Gauntlets will be on Nov. 13 and Nov. 27.