LoR personalizations soar with new guardians and card skin Patch 1.11

Bling out your collection.

Image via Riot Games

Another batch of personalizations will drop in the Legends of Runeterra store with Patch 1.11 tomorrow. 

The first Call of the Mountain patch contained a number of Targon personalizations, from a Celestrial Summit gameboard to the Cosmo guardian. Five weeks have passed since the set’s release, though, and players are now getting a second batch of Targon personalizations.

Patch 1.11 contains another round of balance changes, but it also features three new personalizations that players can add to their collections. Astra, the cutest pollinator in Targon, drops into the LoR store alongside a minion bundle and a new Celestial card back skin. 

Astra guardian

Image via Riot Games

Astra is an adorable Targon flyer that pollinates throughout the night, spreading joy with her gentle personality. Astra knows how to make a grand entrance from a blooming flower. And her favorite hobby is none other than Floriculture. Players can purchase Astra in the LoR store for 590 coins. 

Celestials card back

Image via Riot Games

Highlighting the Celestials of Targon, the new card back skin in Patch 1.11 features The Charger, The Joker, and The Serpent. The three Celestials are known as “the majesty of the stars” and cost a total of 490 coins. 

Minion bundle

Image via Riot Games

The minion bundle solidifies a true takeover of minions in LoR, adding an exclusive Blue Minion to the already existing Red one. The bundle also includes a minion “You Jelly?” emote that can be purchased in the store for 975 coins.