Shadow Assassin and Glimpse Beyond added to Legends of Runeterra’s watchlist

Key cards in SI and Ionia are being closely monitored.

Legends of Runeterra Shadow Assassin
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Adjustments to the Shadow Isles and Ionia region were made in the Legends of Runeterra 0.9.2 patch. But the LoR watchlist continues to grow with the addition of Glimpse Beyond and Shadow Assassin. 

Shadow Assasin and Glimpse Beyond join the watchlist in the LoR 0.9.2 patch, in addition to Elise and Frenzied Skitterer. The infamous card drawing Elusive, Shadow Assassin, remains the most-played card in open beta. Glimpse Beyond is an affordable value spell that provides cantrip and the ability to gain value from an opponent’s attack, while Elise and her Fearsome spider package continue to dominate Aggro decks via the Fearsome mechanic. 

Fearsome and Control decks were added to the LoR watchlist during the 0.9.0 patch. And while Control archetypes have stabilized, the Fearsome package as a whole remains on notice. The LoR team continues to monitor the Fearsome in the Spider package, keeping close tabs on how Elise and Frenzied Skitterer impact the meta.

Glimpse Beyond ideally fits into Spider Aggro and Ephemeral builds, providing the Shadow Isles region with a means of card draw in exchange for low-cost and Ephemeral units. Adjusting the spell via casting cost, however, could potentially nerf synergies too drastically within the SI region.

“Similar to Elise, our tuning options here are constrained given Glimpse’s low mana cost design, and any change at all may end up severely nerfing it,” Riot said. “If we see indications that Glimpse is overly problematic even after the other Shadow Isles changes settle, we’ll reconsider.”

The same can be said for Shadow Assassin, although it’s proved to be versatile in the Ionia region and as a splashed card throughout just about every other region. Multiple adjustments to the Elusive three-drop were tested but ended up nerfing Shadow Assassin too much. Much like Glimpse Beyond and Fearsome, the LoR team plans to continue monitoring Shadow Assassin while considering future adjustments if deemed necessary.