Legends of Runeterra reveals fifth Landmark, The University of Piltover

The University of Piltover adds more wacky and random effects to the game.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s next expansion, Monuments of Power is four days away from releasing. The major addition to Monuments of Power is the newest keyword Landmarks, or new types of cards that alter your strategy after you play them onto the board with regular mana.

Today on twitter, Riot revealed the newest Landmark from Piltover and Zaun, The University of Piltover.

Image via Riot Games

University of Piltover is an Epic five-mana Landmark that discards your entire hand at the start of every round and replaces your hand with random Fleeting cards. Fleeting cards are discarded at the end of each turn.

Out of all of the other new cards that were shown off, The University of Piltover is by far the most random reveal, even more random than The Howling Abyss. While this effect looks drastically weak and inconsistent on paper, there is potential merit in its inclusion into decks. 

Compared to other cards in the same region, The University of Piltover is still technically faster than Augmented Experimenter, coming down an entire turn sooner and getting the discard engine rolling one action sooner at a speed that cannot be interacted with once the new turn begins. This allows a consistent leveling up of Jinx while giving you potential new cards each turn. In addition to this, The University of Piltover is a constant “card draw” while the Augmented Experimenter is a one-time effect that draws three cards.

The major downside to the University of Piltover, is that the cards are completely random from the regions your deck is using, meaning you can either get expensive cards or useless cards that do not help deal damage or develop the board efficiently. Plus since the cards are Fleeting, if you were thinking of using the randomly generated cards on a future turn, they will be discarded on their own. In addition to this, when further compared to Augmented Experimenter, The University of Piltover is not a 3/3 unit, or deals three damage to an enemy unit—all aspects that aggressive decks that would run either card would prefer.

Overall, it will be tough for University of Piltover to find a home within existing decks, but only the bravest deck experimenters can figure out a spot for the University.

Teach your opponents a lesson with The University of Piltover, when LoR: Monuments of Power releases Oct. 14 with 40 new cards.