Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.16.0 gives players the chance to receive the original Teemo and Fizz art for free

There's a slight, simple catch to make it absolutely free, though.

Image via Riot Games

Similar to its previous patch, Legends of Runeterra’s latest update, Patch 2.16.0, is only doing upkeep on bugs and miscellaneous changes.

But even with just minor, non-balance changes, LoR players who are fans of the old Teemo and Fizz art have the chance to claim it for free in the store.

When Beyond the Bandlewood was released, Teemo and Fizz both got new artworks to match their themes closer to the set’s theme. But the old arts were seemingly permanently removed from the game, leaving players who enjoyed the original illustrations dismayed. Now that they’re optional skins, though, players can switch freely between them for each deck they use featuring either champion.

One important distinction for players to note is that while both Foundations Teemo and Rising Tides Fizz are slated to be given away for free, the bundle includes the champions themselves if you don’t own them. This means to reduce the 300 coin cost down to zero, you must own all three copies of Fizz or Teemo for their respective bundles.

But since card collection is easy to perform in LoR, and the fact that these are early cards, it’s likely that players are bound to have full play sets of both.

Players who were hoping for card balance updates should expect them when the next ranked season starts on Oct. 20, as previously revealed in the Patch 2.14.0 notes.

Claim your free original Teemo and Fizz artworks (assuming you already own three copies of both) when Patch 2.16.0 drops tomorrow, Sept. 22.

Here are the rest of the notes for LoR Patch 2.16.0:


  • Known bug: until the release of the patch at 10AM PT on September 22, the “Overall Volume” slider will not affect in-game volume on PC. Other slides will still function properly.
  • Weekly Vault bonus capsules will now provide cards from all expansions, not just Foundations.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Siphoning Strike was not properly granting its buff to allied champions everywhere when used with Katarina.
  • When The Arsenal grants himself Impact multiple times, Impact should now stack properly.
  • When sharing keywords, stacks of Impact should now be granted consistently.
  • Adjusted the order in which buffs are granted when casting Lucky Find.
  • Fixed several VO bugs across the game that were causing incorrect or no VO lines to play.
  • Fixed a bug where adding a multi-region card to your deck would auto-filter your collection.
  • Fixed a bug where the correct sequence of inputs on the Bandlewood Outpost board wouldn’t cause the ~super special secret flower~ to appear.
  • Fixed several UI, UX, and general visual bugs to improve game clarity and player experience.