Legends of Runeterra Monokuma tournament increases in size and prize pool

Watch or compete against the best LoR players in EU and NA.

Legends of Runeterra Fiora
Image via Riot Games

The Monokuma’s Duels of Runeterra tournament has beefed up its prize pool and entry size for this weekend, leading the Legends of Runeterra grassroots tournaments trend in Europe and North America.

Top streamers and Master tier level LoR players like Swim, BBG, Bagels, Hyped, Gummi, CasanovaHOTS, Shouix, and Annie Desu have consistently played within previous Monokuma tournaments. From April 4 to 5, the sixth Duels of Runeterra kicks off for anyone who wants a shot at being the best in LoR. 

How to watch LoR Monokuma tournament

Coverage of the LoR Monokuma Duels of Runeterra tournament begins on April 4 at 4pm CT. CasanovaHOTS and TheBlevins are casting the tournament both days via Twitch, in which they’ll cover both the NA and EU pools.

  • Saturday: 4pm to 10pm CT covering NA and EU pools.
  • Sunday: 12pm CT to the end, covering the top 32 and finals of NA and EU pools.

Schedule and format

A total of 162 entrants competed in the last Monokuma tournament and the numbers are expected to increase with this weekend’s event. As of April 4, 300 competitors had registered to compete this weekend, making it the largest LoR tournament in the world to date. Players can register to play via the Duels of Runeterra smash.gg site, which includes joining the Discord.

The schedule includes two days of Swiss format rounds with a few added details from previous tournaments. 

  • Day one: Swiss format of five to six rounds. Top X will be seeded for Day two Swiss.
  • Dynamic Qualification: Previous tournaments relied upon a static number of qualification slots given to each pool. But the upcoming event this weekend will have slots available proportional to the number of people signed up for that pool. 
  • Day two: Three to five Swiss rounds, depending on the number of finalists that will play together in the first finalist pool before being put into top-eight single elimination.

The Monokuma tournament also follows the Korea Invitational format: best-of-three games with three decks and one ban. It’s also Conquest, meaning players can’t use a winning deck a second time in a best-of-three match. This allows for a diverse meta that showcases players’ skills across multiple LoR archetypes.