Legends of Runeterra Master tier race ends in all 3 regions

New top-tier decks have emerged in the LoR meta.

Legends of Runeterra Karma
Image via Riot Games

The race to Master tier in Legends of Runeterra’s three regions has come to an end.

Less than a week after Riot Games launched the LoR open beta, six players have reached the highest level of achievement in the game. Mikuláš “Pokrovac” Dio was the first player in the world to reach Master tier, LoR’s highest-ranked level, two days ago.

And today, the floodgates opened with players filling the Master tier in all three LoR regions. Cho “Steelo” Ganghyeon and Shi Ne de Cuo achieved Master in the Asia region, along with RubinZoo and Andrew “TidesofTime” Biessener in the Americas. Kai44 also joined Pokrovac in the EU region.

TidesofTime has been grinding relentlessly up the LoR ladder since its launch last week. He achieved his climb to Master with a unique deck he calls Health Potion, using Karma and Fiora as champions. 

Steelo obtained his Master rank using a Control build with Braum and Tryndamere, along with a healthy mix of Elusive and +1/+1 contributing followers. 

But even with players achieving Master tier in all three LoR regions, the metagame remains wide open with a variety of decks being played throughout the ladder. As players continue to unlock more cards within LoR, especially after next Tuesday’s Weekly Vault reset, the meta will finally begin to establish which decks truly are the best.