Legends of Runeterra Mageseeker package receives huge buff

Mageseekers are expecting full cooperation in taking over the meta.

Legends of Runeterra Mageseeker
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Riot Games has reworked three units in the Mageseeker package, which previously lacked a home in the Legends of Runeterra open beta, for Constructed and Expeditions in today’s patch.

In League’s lore, Demacia uses Mageseekers to root out children who have magical talents. These kids are either locked up, disposed of, or become Mageseekers themselves. The Mageseeker package was originally designed to utilize these skills, but the LoR team wasn’t satisfied with the result. 

Seeking to improve Mageseeker Inciter, Investigator, and Persuader, the LoR design team has buffed all three cards, triggering their abilities when larger cost spells are played while also adjusting power and health levels. 

 Mageseeker Inciter

  • Power increased from one to four
  • Health reduced from four to three
  • Old text: Discard a spell to grant me Power equal to its cost.
  • New text: Grant me +2|+2 once you’ve cast a 6 cost spell this game.

Mageseeker Investigator

  • Old text: Play: If you cast a spell this round, remove all text and keywords from an enemy follower.
  • New Text: Create a {Detain} once you’ve cast a 6+ cost spell this game.

Mageseeker Persuader

  • Cost reduced from six to two
  • Power reduced from four to three
  • Health increased from one to two
  • Old text: [Challenger] Play: Discard a spell to grant me Health equal to its cost.
  • New text: Grant me +1|+1 and [Challenger] once you’ve cast a 6 cost spell this game.

With nerfs to Chump Wump and Flash of Brilliance, Control builds utilizing champions like Ezreal, Heimerdinger, and Lux are taking a hit. But these slots are now open for units within the Mageseeker package, adding value through their own abilities triggering in addition to the leveled-up champions when a high-cost spell is cast.

Mid-range builds in LoR like Lucian Elites, will also benefit from the Mageseeker buffs, potentially replacing Senna, Sentinel of Light with either Mageseeker Investigator or Mageseeker Persuader.