Legends of Runeterra devs will continue to speed up card animations to improve “game pacing” in Patch 0.9.2

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Legends of Runeterra Fiora
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

It seems like things are about to speed up in Legends of Runeterra.

Today’s LoR Patch 0.9.2 will continue efforts to speed up animations, since old interactions were “rough on both your turn timer and your sanity,” according to Riot Games. The animation speeds were already tweaked in the last patch, adjusting how quickly units are summoned, cards are drawn, and spells are cast. Now LoR devs are turning their attention to specific card animations as well.

LoR devs deemed it “unacceptable” for players not being able to finish actions on their turn due to slow animations. These quick fixes should help promote faster pacing and avoid incomplete turns.

Poison Puffcap, for example, will now take less time and will overlap with one another “for beautiful rolling waves of mushrooms.” Draven’s Spinning Axes, which are typically time consuming, will now take less time when created and cast. And level two Hercarim’s buff visuals will also happen faster, especially across multiple Ephemeral allies.

Eager Apprentice, Inspiring Mentor, and Tortured Prodigy will now take less time considering their effects are simple. And players will discard cards faster and clearer.

To avoid losing time off your turn when your opponents string together burst spells, players will have extra time added after their adversary casts a spell. Casting a burst spell will also put some more seconds on the turn timer.

While it may not be perfect, LoR devs appear committed to creating a fast-paced game that doesn’t waste time with prolonged animations.