Legends of Runeterra Championship Series: How to watch, standings, and format

Watch the best America's shard players solve the LoR Seasonal meta.

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A total of 64 of the best Legends of Runeterra players via the America’s shard will compete for money and bragging rights at the Championship Series on Jan. 29 and 30.

Presented by Mastering Runeterra and Community Gaming along with support from Riot Games, the Championship Series will highlight what the LoR competitive meta looks like heading into the Magic Misadventures Seasonals. Scheduled to take place from Jan. 29 to 30, the Championship Series features the top four competitors from the six qualifying tournaments leading up to it, plus the top 40 championship point earners from all six qualifying events combined. 

How to watch the Mastering Runeterra Championship Series

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Competition and a full broadcast of the Championship Series starts at 12pm CT on Jan. 29 and 30 via Swimstrim’s Twitch channel. Casting the tournament are LoR veterans Jason Fleurant, EG Swim, Blevins, Casanova, and Majin Bae. 

LoR players competing at the Mastering Runeterra Championship Series

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Forty players earned an invite to compete at the LoR Championship Series through championship points throughout the six qualifier tournaments leading up to the final series. Another 24 competitors earned their spots by finishing in the top four at one of the six qualifying events. 

Here are the 24 LoR players who finished in the top four at one of the six Championship Series qualifying tournaments.

Table via Mastering Runeterra

Saltysimon getting listed twice isn’t a mistake. The LoR competitor placed in the top four during the third and fourth Championship Series qualifying tournaments. His spot will go to whoever has the most qualifying points, depending on who wins the tiebreaker.

In addition to Saltysimon, other players to watch out for include veterans like 4LW, Shadawx, TheBlackBoss, WhatAmI, and Aikado.

Championship Series format

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Competition at the Mastering Runeterra Championship Series will take place over the course of two days, on Jan. 29 and 30. The first day will showcase double-elimination brackets with only the top eight advancing to the playoffs. The eight players on day two will compete in a single-elimination bracket to determine the winner of the LoR Championship Series. 

LoR Mastering Runeterra Championship Series standings

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Jan. 29

Following five rounds of best-of-three gameplay, a total of four players secured a spot in the top-eight playoffs.

Kennen/Ahri, to no one’s surprise, was a popular LoR deck brought to the Championship Series. Pantheon/Taric resumed its spot as the best version running the unbreakable spear, and Fizz/Lulu emerged from sleeper status as a best LoR tournament deck.

A total of eight competitors got a second chance via the loser brackets, with four earning a spot in the day two top-eight playoffs. 

Jan. 30

Screengrab via Community Gaming

A total of three rounds were played, featuring eight players. Finni and Mohose advanced to the final match, with Finni emerging victorious as the LoR Championship Series winner. Mohose finished in second, followed by Gravetrayal and Jtamonda.