Legends of Runeterra adds Three Sisters-like spells to every region via Tellstones

Gain advantage over a variety of archetypes via Tellstones.

Riot Games has merged the League of Legends tabletop game Tellstones: Kings Gambit into Legends of Runeterra as one-drop Burst spells that offer three Fleeting spell options. 

Three Sisters has been a popular Legends of Ruenterra spell within the Freljord region since its release in Empires of the Ascended. With the release of the Worldwalker expansion on May 25, all 10 regions within LoR will have a version of Three Sisters via Tellstones. Players who enjoy other Riot games will recognize Tellstones from the tabletop game Tellstones: Kings Gambit. Each Tellstone is at Burst speed and creates three Fleeting spells a player can choose from. 

Here are the 10 LoR Worldwalker Tellstones revealed today: 

  • Piltovan Tellstones: Create a Fleeting Aftershock, Hextech Transmogulator, or Progress Day! in hand.
  • Shadow Isles Tellstones: Create a Fleeting Mark of the Isles, Spirit Journey, or Crumble in hand.
  • Bilgewater Tellstones: Create a Fleeting More Power!, Playful Trickster, or Chum the Waters in hand.
  • Bandle Tellstones: Create a Fleeting Heroic Refrain, Yordle Contraption, or Keeper’s Verdict in hand.
  • Ionian Tellstones: Create a Fleeting Health Portion, Homecoming, or Stand United in hand.
  • Demacian Tellstones: Create a Fleeting Prismatic Barrier, Detain, or For Demacia! in hand.
  • Targonian Tellstones: Create a Fleeting Wish, Paddle Star, or Blessing of Targon in hand. 
  • Noxian Tellstones: Create a Fleeting Sharpened Resolve, Whirling Death, or Weapons of the Lost in hand. 
  • Shurima Tellstones: Create a Fleeting Ruthless Predator, Weight of Judgement, or Spirit Fire in hand. 

Of the 10 regions, four of the Tellstones stand out for now: Ionian, Noxus, Piltovan, and Demacian. Most of the Fleeting spells that are offered are reactive LoR spells and they’re often cut from players’ decks for better cards or spells. But the Tellstones will likely change this existing trend, offering players additional options against a variety of archetypes. 

Players can test every LoR Tellstone spell with the release of the Worldwalker expansion on May 25.