Everything we know about Riot Games’ Tellstones

Is Tellstones a physical or an online board game?

Image via Riot Games

Last month, Riot Games filed a trademark for a new game mode called Tellstones. Very little is known about it, but as far as we can tell, it appears to be an online board game in the League of Legends universe. 

Tellstones remains a mystery, but with the release of PBE Patch 9.20, a few interesting details have been uncovered.

Here’s everything we know about Tellstones so far.

What did PBE Patch 9.20 uncover?

The last patch gave fans a glimpse at what’s to come for Tellstones. Four new loading screen tips that put Tellstones into perspective were included in the wide range of champion balance changes.

To celebrate League’s 10th anniversary, many new tips will be added to the loading screen. At the bottom of the list, though, Tellstones is mentioned as part of a fictional game in the world of Runeterra.

The tips read: 

“King Santon of Demacia avoided civil war with a game of Tellstones, saving thousands of lives.

Demacians play a variant of Tellstones called “King’s Gambit”, in honor of Santon the Great.

Despite the game’s popularity across Runeterra, no one seems to know where Tellstones originated…

The Dauntless Vanguard play their own version of Tellstones, and use it to settle disputes within the ranks.”

But what does this mean? If Riot hadn’t filed a trademark, the mention of Tellstones would be completely innocent. That’s not the case, though. It looks like Riot is instead ushering Tellstones into the lore and quietly building up to a 2020 release.

What do we know about the Tellstones trademark?

This isn’t the first time Riot has taken on a board game. In 2016, the tabletop game Mechs vs. Minions was released and it sold out in a matter of hours.

Tellstones could very well be another tabletop game, but the trademark suggests otherwise. In the Goods and Services section of the Riot’s JUSTIA trademark, it mentions tabletops but also includes “entertainment services, namely, providing online video games.”

This would suggest that Tellstones could be released in both a physical and online addition. This is all speculation, but considering the language used in the trademark, it would make sense.

Unless Riot is baiting its fans, it looks like Tellstones will be available to play online.

When will Tellstones be released?

No information has been revealed about when Tellstones will be released.

Riot is hosting its 10th anniversary edition of Riot Pls on Oct. 15, where the future plans of the company are expected to be revealed. There’s bound to be more content revolving around League and Teamfight Tactics, but a release date for Tellstones could also be mentioned.