Irelia to be added to Legends of Runeterra: Guardians of the Ancient through Ionia

Dance around the battlefield and outplay your opponent with the Will of the Blades.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra: Guardians of the Ancient’s reveal season has reached its final day. And today, Riot Games has introduced the last champion to join the upcoming expansion, Irelia—and she’s building on the Blade Dance mechanic that was revealed yesterday.

Irelia is a three-mana champion with 3/2 combat stats and the Quick Attack keyword. In addition, she has an ability that activates while you have the attack token either when she’s summoned or during Round Start and adds a Flawless Duet to your hand. Flawless Duet is a one-mana Fleeting Slow spell that Blade Dances for two. Irelia reaches her second level after 12 allies have attacked throughout the game.

Once Irelia becomes level two, she gains +1/+1 in combat stats, retains her Flawless Duet-generating ability, and gets a new effect that creates a Bladesurge in hand when your allies declare an attack. Bladesurge, based on her League of Legends Q ability, is a zero-mana Fleeting Burst spell that allows you to swap Irelia with any ally. This ability to shift minions around is similar to Stand United and the recently revealed Syncopation.

Due to her low mana cost, Irelia leans toward aggressive strategies and aims to swarm the board to make use of her leveled-up Bladesurge spell. While getting 12 attacking allies sounds like a difficult task, Blade Dance activations allow you to reach that goal at a faster rate. Since Irelia focuses on attacking-based strategies, she’ll find potential homes in Shurima with Azir, Bilgewater with Miss Fortune, and Demacia for Rally and Scouts.

There are also other niche interactions to consider when playing with Irelia’s Bladesurge or other swapping abilities. If your opponent tries to use a targeted spell against you while you have Fizz on the board, shifting Fizz to your selected ally will deny the effect at burst speed, which improves your offensive prowess.

Aside from Irelia’s reveal, Vanguard’s Edge and Lead and Follow were also shown off today. Vanguard’s Edge is a Rare seven-mana Slow spell that Blade Dances for three. In addition, you can select an ally that joins in on the free attack. Lead and Follow is a Common two-mana Fast Spell that recalls one of your allies to create a Flawless Duet in hand.

Irelia will join the Ionia champion roster when LoR: Guardians of the Ancient is released tomorrow, May 5.