How to watch Legends of Runeterra Korea Invitational

Watch the hottest LoR tournament, rebroadcasted in English.

Legends of Runeterra Heart of Fluff Poro
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

You can watch all the action from today’s Legend of Runeterra Korea Invitational in an English rebroadcast. 

With permission from Riot Games, casters Casanova and Ray Zhou are rebroadcasting the event today at 4pm CT on CananovaHOTS’ Twitch channel and on March 11 at 4pm CT.

The LoR Korea Invitational made waves in the early stages of competitive tournaments this morning, having an average viewership of around 6,500 and up to a possible peak of 10,000. Sixteen of Korea’s top-ranked players competed in the event this morning, wrapping up in round 16. On March 16 and 17, the tournament will feature the top-eight, semifinals, and final match. 

Casanova and Zhou will also be broadcasting the LoR Korea Invitational next Monday and Tuesday at 4pm CT. Those who want to watch the livestream can view it on the Riot Korea Twitch channel with coverage beginning at 5am CT. 

Following the excitement generated from the EU Creators Invitational last weekend, hosted by AFK Creators, interest in the LoR Korean Invitational sparked this week. During the preliminary rounds of the event, Xixo showcased a powerful Ashe Harrowing Control deck, which was seen being played across the LoR ranked ladder in all three regions this past week.

A list of decks that were played this morning can be found on Decks of Runeterra