Ashe Harrowing Control challenges Legends of Runeterra meta in Korea Cup Qualifiers

Silence Hecarim and Elusive builds with this frosty Control deck.

Legends of Runeterra Ashe
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Aggro and Midrange builds have once again gone up the ranks of the Legends of Runeterra meta. But a Shadow Isles and Freljord Control deck shuts them down by using Elise, Ashe, and The Rekindler.

An Ashe Harrowing Control deck created by up-and-coming Korean player xlxk tore through the preliminaries for the LoR Korea Cup qualifiers earlier this week, according to LoR streamer FUZE_KR

The Ashe Harrowing Control deck is similar to the Hecrim and Elise Midrange build but replaces the Angry Horse with Ashe. This beats out the Shadow Isles Aggro/Midrange builds and keeps Elusive decks from outpacing it. 

Babbling Berg draws Ashe out if she’s already not in hand, allowing players to drop her one turn before Hecarim. In conjunction with a leveled up Elise, Ashe is a formidable champion, using the mechanic Challenger to control blockers and Flash Freeze as removal. Players can also control the early game by using the Fearsome mechanic with Arachnoid Horror and Frenzied Skitterer. 

If Elise or Ashe get destroyed, The Rekindler revives one of them to the battlefield. Two copies of Vengenace and Black Spear eliminate dangerous threats and champions while Vile Feast and Glimpse Beyond provide advantage via card draw, removal, and lifegain. 

Ashe still levels up thanks to her attacking ability and three copies of Brittle Steel. A prototype of xlxk’s deck included the Elnuk package and Icevale Archer. But the Korean LoR player decided to run with the Elise spider package instead because it increased Ashe’s overall advantage over the board, according to xlxk