Gnar transforms in Legends of Runeterra with Pokey Stick buff

Prepare for shugi shenanigans.

The final day of Legends of Runeterra spoilers for A Curious Journey added Gnar to the champion roster, reducing the cost of Pokey Stick while having the yordle potentially transform at the start of each round.

Scheduled to officially release on Feb. 16, the LoR A Curious Journey expansion goes wild in the Bandle City/Freljord region via Gnar. The yordle was joined in today’s spoilers by Minitee and Megatee, another transforming follower, along with the spells Primal Strength and Wallop. Gnar is an extremely strong LoR champion within a transforming shell that has versatility potential in other builds due to creating a Pokey Stick in hand upon striking or reducing its cost by one.


Level one Gnar is a four-cost multi-region (Bandle City/Freljord) yordle with Quick Attack and 4/3 base stats. When he strikes, Gnar creates a Pokey Stick in hand, and if you already have one, he reduces the cost of the Bandle City Fast speed spell by one. Gnar’s spell is Wallop, a three-cost Fast that deals one damage to an enemy and stuns it.

Upon damaging the enemy Nexus before a round ends, Gnar levels up to Mega Gnar, becoming a 6/5 with Quick Attack and Overwhelm. He also grants Vulnerable to the strongest enemy upon leveling up. Mega Gnar then returns to Gnar if you started that round with an attack token. Mega Gnar always transforms back to Gnar if you started the round with an attack token, even if the enemy Nexus took damage that turn. Rally effects don’t have players start the round with an attack token.

Synergizing with Gnar, Chief Nakotak is an LoR follower that dropped in yesterday’s A Curious Journey spoilers as a three-cost yordle who fully heals and grants +1/+1 to an ally when it transforms. That’s +/1+1 stats to Gnar potentially every turn while also fully healing the yordle, in addition to the LoR keywords Quick Attack and Overwhelm.

The keyword Impact is worked into the LoR transformation archetype, often found on the transformed version of units. Minitee, a seven-drop transforming follower that was revealed today, gains Impact at the end of a round if you damaged the enemy Nexus that round by transforming into Megatee.

Megatee is an 8/8 with Impact upon transformation that targets the strongest enemy and turns it into a 3/3 Mini-Minitee. The seven-cost follower also silences the same enemy unit and prevents it from blocking. All three effects are permanent. And Primal Strength, a four-cost Burst spell, grants an ally +2/+2, along with Impact. 

Players can test out Gnar and his LoR transforming followers via the launch of A Curious Journey on Feb. 16.