Every cosmetic coming in Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.14.0

Beyond the Bandlewood is bringing new cosmetics for players to collect.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s upcoming update, Patch 2.14.0, is bringing the game’s next major set and its final region. Aside from the 126 new cards to collect in Beyond the Bandlewood, there’s a new event bundle coinciding with the release, similar to Empires of the Ascended’s launch.

This is the first patch in a while where a major release or event happened and skins weren’t added to the game. Despite this, the newest update will be bringing multiple boards, guardians, and emotes for players to collect. Since there’s an event pass, players can expect that some will be free.

In addition, coinciding with the upcoming World Championship, players can get cosmetics from this patch by claiming a free bundle in the store.

Here is every new cosmetic coming with LoR Patch 2.14.0.


Bandlewood Outpost

Image via Riot Games
  • For legends who seek out hidden realms.
  • Look in the right places to unearth this board’s wondrous secrets. This board has interactive elements,
  • special visual effects, and music.


Puffcap Pup

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  • Personality: Trusty
  • Loves: Rolling in mud
  • “Bark woof” means this pup’s reporting for duty!

Gunner Pup

Gif via Riot Games
  • Personality: Dogged
  • Loves: The smell of gunpowder
  • Beware of the dog.

Prof. Snappington

Gif via Riot Games
  • Personality: Easygoing
  • Loves: Taking life at his own pace
  • Blazing trails and eating snails.

Elderwood Stella

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  • Personality: Mystical
  • Lives: Underneath the bramblefoot tree
  • Quiet, or you’ll scare it away!

Card backs

Keeper of the Hammer

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The Yordle Gunner

Image via Riot Games

The Redeemer

Image via Riot Games

Scout’s Honor

Image via Riot Games

The Sheriff of Piltover

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“What do you mean the hero isn’t here?!”

GIF via Riot Games

Oh, you!

“You’re adorable when you’re angry.”

GIF via Riot Games

Who, me?

“If you say so~”

Fans can purchase specific cosmetics or the premium event pass when LoR Patch 2.14.0 arrives tomorrow, Aug. 25.