Events and passes are coming to Legends of Runeterra

Play and earn limited-time cosmetic rewards.

Legends of Runeterra Plunder Poro
Image via Riot Games

The first event in Legends of Runeterra will launch in July, Riot Games revealed today.

Similar to the events featured in Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends, the LoR event outlined in today’s roadmap will offer players a chance to earn limited-time rewards. Players will also have the option to earn these rewards via free-to-play gameplay or through the purchase of an event pass. 

“From time to time, we’ll have special thematic events that bundle together cosmetic items, quests, and potentially a Gauntlet or Lab—a month-long celebration full of cool new stuff to check out,” the LoR team said.

The details surrounding the upcoming event are still a little vague, with no mention of a price for the event pass or what the July event theme will be. A schedule of future events also hasn’t been released at this time. But the LoR team did say in today’s roadmap reveal that additional details surrounding the July event will be announced prior to its launch. 

Rewards will likely include game boards, card backs, and guardians based on what Riot has offered via events in League and TFT. It’s also possible that Riot may use these events in LoR to launch new cosmetics, similar to how the Rising Tides expansion included emotes for the first time.

Players can earn event rewards in LoR by playing matches throughout the month of July and possibly via the Gauntlet and Lab modes that were also announced today.