2 new Legends of Runeterra game modes coming soon: Gauntlet and Lab

Gauntlets are limited-time competitions with unique roles and Labs are a casual experimental format.

Image via Riot Games

Two new game modes are coming to Legends of Runeterra soon, Riot Games announced in its “What’s Next for Runeterra” post today. Gauntlet Mode will join LoR on June 26, while Lab Mode will be added to the game on July 8.

Gauntlet Mode, which is coming in Patch 1.4, will be the first format outside of Constructed and Expedition Mode that players will be able to play. This mode will be more competitive since it introduces different deckbuilding rules and challenges for players to experience. 

The first challenge that was teased will be more of a standard deckbuilding format that will give the team more time to test some technology for newer constraints. The second challenge to join the rotation is a highlander rule, a deck without duplicate copies. Each different Gauntlet will be live over a weekend with a timeframe of three or four days, while weekly swaps give time for Riot to add more formats.

Lab Mode is the second format that players can have fun tackling when it debuts in Patch 1.5. While Gauntlets will have a serious competitive feel to them, Labs look to cater to a more experimental and casual side for LoR players. The first Lab will involve unusual champion rosters, unforeseen strategies, and will bring players faster into the action.

LoR’s executive producer Jeff Jew alluded to new modes coming to the game in an interview with Dot Esports earlier this month.

You can try out Gauntlet Mode when it comes to LoR on June 26 during Patch 1.4. Lab Mode drops into the game on July 8 during Patch 1.5