Annie and Tibbers join Legends of Runeterrra in Worldwalker expansion

Tear down opponents with spell and Skill synergy.

Annie is the fourth and final Legends of Runeterra champion getting added to the Worldwalker expansion, along with a new Noxus Landmark and Tybaulk, Riot revealed today.

Synergizing specifically with the other new Worldwalker champion Jhin, Annie brings more Fast/Slow speed spell synergy to LoR, along with Stun synergy. Annie also synergizes with champions like Yasuo and Darius as well. Included in the Worldwalker spoilers today was a new Landmark called Ravenbloom Conservatory, which is likely the school that has produced the iteration of Annie represented in LoR. Tibbers joins Annie as a six-cost Follower, along with Tybaulk.

Annie Legends of Runeterra champion, and support

Annie is a one-drop who deals two damage to her blocker upon attacking. If her blocker is dead or gone, the two damage hits the enemy Nexus instead. Her level one stats are 0/2 and her level-up baseline stats are 1/3. To level Annie up, she has to see you play six or more Fast/Slow spells or Skills. Upon leveling up, Annie deals three damage to her blocker while also Stunning it. If the blocker is dead or gone, she deals three damage to the enemy Nexus instead. 

Annie’s LoR spell is Disintegrate, a Fast speed spell that has its controller pick a unit. The next time that unit takes damage this round, it gets killed. 

Supporting Annie and other Stun synergy champions is Tibbers, a six-drop 5/5 with Fearsome. Upon getting played, Tibbers Stuns an enemy, then deals two damage to all Stunned or damaged enemies. 

Also supporting Skill archetypes and the Noxus region as a whole is the new LoR Worldwalker Landmark Ravenbloom Conservatory. It has a countdown of 10 that crates a Tybaulk in hand upon completion. The Landmark advances one round for each Slow/Fast spell or Skill played throughout the game. 

Tybaulk is a six-drop Noxus Follower that has 6/6 baseline stats and the Overwhelm keyword. Upon getting summoned, all allies everywhere are granted +1/+0 stat for the remainder of the game. And all your spells and Skills deal one additional damage. 

Players can test out Annie, Tibbers, and the Skill archetype with the release of the LoR Worldwalker expansion on May 25.