Yuumi’s bio has been revealed—she’s a cat looking for her owner

She's just a feline travelling the world with her trusty book.

Yuumi Bio
Screengrab via League of Legends

As we continue to learn about the newest support champion coming the Summoner’s Rift, Yuumi, we fall more in love with the cute kitty each day. We now know that her story is quite a tale, even though she’s simply a cat looking for her missing owner.

Yuumi started out with a leisurely life on the outskirts of Bandle City, where she lived with a yordle enchantress named Norra. From time to time, Yuumi accompanied Norra on her adventures as she used her magical feline powers to protect her owner from harm. Norra also owned a magical book that could teleport them to wherever the book depicted within its pages.

Unfortunately, one night, Norra used the book to travel to some place so dangerous, that she destroyed the portal as she traveled. Yuumi came home to find her beloved owner missing, and finally consulted the magical book for help.

As a result of their love for their lost owner, both Book and Yuumi have set off to travel to distant lands in order to save Norra. Yuumi uses the numerous pages of Book in order to teleport herself to try to pick up Norra’s scent in the hopes of bringing her home. They did manage to pick up a bit of a trail in a cave in the Shurima Desert, but before they could explore further, a ferocious beast attacked them.

Having barely gotten away, Book and Yuumi continue their search for Norra on Summoner’s Rift. Get ready to help the Magical Cat with her search when she hits the PBE on Tuesday, April 30.