Your Shop is now live in League of Legends

It's time to track down that skin you've been wanting all year.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Your Shop is live in the League of Legends client, just in time for the holiday season. 

The Your Shop promotion gives players a chance to buy personalized and hand-picked skins on sale since Riot offers up a list of discounted skins based on your champion pool. If you’re a dedicated Lux player, for example, a Lux skin or two might appear in your personal shop at a lower price. 

While rare skins are plentiful during the Your Shop promotion, it’s unlikely that you’ll find any skins that are of Legendary or Ultimate quality. Riot tends to keep League’s priciest skins out of Your Shop, although there are still likely to be some incredibly unique options on the table. Limited-time skins from the past, for example, could appear in Your Shop despite being temporarily suspended from the League client’s store. 

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Keep in mind that any skin that’s currently on sale in the League client can’t appear in Your Shop. Additionally, any skin that can be obtained through Hextech Crafting is also unavailable to appear in Your Shop. 

Your Shop will be active in League through the end of 2021, with the promotion officially scheduled to end on Jan. 16 at 11pm CT.

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