Yorick’s Maiden secures solo kill on enemy Aatrox

Let someone else do the dirty work.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player earned a cross-map solo kill on an enemy player without even having to engage them in combat themselves. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier this week, a League player, who was playing Yorick in the clip, summoned their Maiden of the Mist in the top lane through the use of their ultimate, Eulogy of the Isles (R). The Maiden was left to push the lane on their own, which constituted a response from the enemy team, who sent their Aatrox player to deal with the Maiden. 

Unfortunately for them, though, the Aatrox player was incapable of getting the job done and was solo-killed by Yorick’s minion. 

The takedown was a pure 100-to-zero solo kill in which the Yorick player dealt nearly all of the damage to the opposing Aatrox through the Maiden. The only external sources of damage to contribute to the kill apart from Yorick’s undead ghouls were the minions pushing the top lane that the Aatrox player attempted to clear. 

In the clip, the Yorick player had already reached level 16 by the time the Aatrox player went to stop the Maiden of the Mist, so the summoned minion had over 5,100 hit points to cut through. Despite using a full rotation of abilities and auto attacks, the Aatrox player simply didn’t have the damage to burn through the Maiden’s health pool. 

When their health eventually dipped below 10 percent, the Aatrox player used Umbral Dash (E) to try and get away from the Maiden. But the minion’s gaze was already locked onto them and the killing blow was dealt.

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