Yone is now available on League’s live servers

"One to cut, one to seal."

Image via Riot Games

Yone is finally hitting League of Legends‘ live servers today in Patch 10.16 after getting teased by Riot Games during the 2020 Spirit Blossom event.

The new champion was teased in June in Riot’s Champion Roadmap, where he was named as a “masked assassin” alongside a “dreamy jungler” that we now know as Lillia the Bashful Bloom.

Yone’s kit brings a familiar feel to many League players—especially with the similarities to his brother, Yasuo. But he has plenty of differences that make him an interesting champion to pilot. Yone’s strengths lie in his ability to dip in and out of battle, while also being able to dive enemy backlines with his powerful ultimate.

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Some of Yone’s backstory had already been revealed with Yasuo’s lore, but the Unforgotten’s story continues right after his death at the hands of his brother. Now, he’s a hunter who moves between the mortal and spirit realm to help rid the world of dangerous “azakana,” demons that feast on negative emotions.

Yone now travels across Runeterra to find these azakana and seal them into masks where they can no longer harm any humans. He’s also trying to figure out why he wasn’t allowed to pass on peacefully while finding out his own azakana’s true name.

You can hop onto Summoner’s Rift now and try out the newest dual-wielding swordsman for yourself.

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