Yassuo says he “would never trust [Tarzaned] in [his] life again” after he threatened him while using someone else’s name

More drama has cropped up in the League community.

Photo via Riot Games

Another day, another piece of drama among some of League of Legends‘ most popular content creators. This time, it’s 100 Thieves’ Yassuo who’s revealed details surrounding his former friend Tarzaned, saying that he “would never trust that guy in [his] life again.”

Yassuo said Tarzaned caused a rift between him and Nicolas “Gleebglarbu” Haddad by allegedly telling the former TSM support that Yassuo was “talking shit” about him. This was an unprovoked lie that caused Gleeb to come back at Yassuo, who responded in kind for content.

The final straw was when Tarzaned allegedly donated to Yassuo’s stream while using Gleebglarbu’s name. Through donation messages, “Gleebglarbu” would leave death threats—like saying he’d bring a knife to TwitchCon—that would be concerning to anyone, streamer or not.

Although the stream saw Gleebglarbu’s name, however, Yassuo saw the email that was linked to the donation. He realized that it was Tarzaned who was donating the money and sending the threats.

“That was one of the times I said I couldn’t be friends with Tarzaned—there’s even more, but that’s just a part of the situation,” Yassuo said. “I would never trust that guy in my life again.”

Yassuo’s story is just a piece of the drama that’s occurred over the past couple of days with Tarzaned. He recently claimed that he boosted former pro jungler IWillDominate to Challenger two seasons in a row. IWillDominate, who also claimed that he boosted one of Tarzaned’s accounts, tweeted yesterday that he and Tarzaned cleared the air and decided to “end it here.”