Xin Zhao player showcases the type of jungler everyone wants on their League team

A god, a king, a seneschal, and a sentinel land on the Rift. Two are good friends and the others kill each other.

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve played League of Legends before, chances are you’ve heard the phrase “jungle diff.” The meaning of this expression was on full display in a clip posted by Reddit user Soumyadeep3 of an Ultimate Spellbook game full of plot twists.

The clip shows a severely injured Akshan player farming under their tier-one tower in the mid lane when all of a sudden, the enemy Volibear shows up and starts to chase the Rogue Sentinel. With only a few points left in their health bar, the Akshan player ran toward their base hoping to escape the enemy, even using the Lee Sin ultimate granted to them through the game mode.

Volibear chased his prey like the Relentless Storm he is but got too greedy and found himself between the two enemy towers in the mid lane. His ultimate, Stormbringer, which gives Volibear temporary bonus health, barely saved him from the focus of the two towers.

Akshan was still low on health but safe under his towers, while the enemy Volibear had to run into the bot side of the jungle to escape the focus and damage from the turrets. The Relentless Storm got out of the outer turret’s range but was still in the field of view of the Rogue Sentinel, who took aim and prepared to fire his ultimate, Comeuppance, to take down his opponent. 

All hope seemed lost for Volibear. But then, his jungler, Xin Zhao, suddenly came to his aid by stepping in front and taking all of Akshan’s bullets, thus shielding his teammate from the potential final blow. Then, in a turn of events, Xin Zhao used his second ultimate ability obtained in the game mode, aiming Caitlyn’s ult at the low-health Akshan. 

The Rogue Sentinel was recalling under his tower when he saw the red laser from Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole. At the same time, Akshan’s jungler, Viego, was walking up the mid lane from his base and wandered straight past his teammate just as Xin Zhao fired the fatal shot, taking down the Rogue Sentinel. In less than five seconds, we watched a nonchalant jungler walking away as their teammate was being shot down and a committed jungler saving one of their teammates. 

This clip ends with an unfortunate conclusion for the Akshan player, who almost performed a wonderful bait and switch on the bear. But as Volibear says, “you cannot kill a storm.”

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