Wukong hit with another round of changes on League’s PBE

The Monkey King isn't quite ready for the live servers yet.

Image via Riot Games

Don’t worry, League of Legends fans. Wukong’s update is still on the horizon, but the Monkey King needs a few tweaks before he can hop his way onto the live servers.

Wukong received another round of balance changes in today’s update to the League Public Beta Environment. For starters, his passive ability, Stone Skin, now gives Wukong a shield upon entering (instead of exiting) stealth or a bush enemies lack vision control over. Similarly, the shield’s strength is now 10 percent of the champion’s maximum health instead of 12 percent.

The Monkey King’s Q, Crushing Blow, decreases the enemy’s armor for four seconds instead of three. The clone on his W, Warrior Trickster, has had its range increased by 100 units. Additionally, the duration of the clone has been increased by 0.25 seconds, which allows it to have an additional auto attack before it disappears.

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Wukong has also received a few bug fixes, including one that corrected an issue where the champion’s passive shield would automatically trigger at the start of a game or on respawn. But the Monkey King still has a few bugs that need to be corrected. In his current state, the champion’s clone has the ability to steal experience if it gets a last hit and his Q’s ready visual effects are sometimes missing.

It’s unclear when the Monkey King will arrive on the live servers, but Riot’s lead gameplay designer, Mark Yetter, hinted last week that the new and improved champion will be coming soon.