Worlds 2021 Pick’em leaderboard

Make your picks.

Image via Riot Games

Make your predictions for the 2021 League of Legends World Championship with Pick’em.

Riot Games has improved upon the already successful Pick’em formula for this year’s annual event, introducing two new features to the game, including the Crystal Ball and a mechanic called “The Coin.”

Leading up to and throughout Worlds 2021, players will be able to pick and choose their winners and losers, predict the outcome of every match, compete for points on a global leaderboard, and earn exclusive prizes. 

Here’s the Worlds 2021 Pick’em leaderboard.

RankDivisionNumber of playersPercentage of playersPoints
1Baron Nashor00 percent144
2Elder Dragon10.00001 percent134
3Blue Sentinel1190.0015 percent124
4Red Brambleback18,0000.23 percent103
5Crimson Raptor677,0008.6 percent83
6Ancient Krug5,200,000 65.6 percent62
7Gromp1,900,000 24.1 percent41
8Greater Murk Wolf116,000 1.5 percent21
9Caster Minion1,4000.018 percent6
10Poro00 percent0