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Which LoL champion says ‘Did somebody say FISHbone?’

I should've known this champion likes fish.

Today’s LoLdle quote might not be the most difficult aspect of the daily puzzle to solve for certain League of Legends players, but it has the potential to trip you up if the voice line comes from a champion you haven’t played much before.

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Who says “Did somebody say FISHbone” in LoL?

The LoLdle quote for May 20 is “Did somebody say FISHbone?” The League champion who says this quote is Yuumi.

Yuumi splash art in League of Legends, looking very studious.
“Where’s my fishy fish fish dish?” Image via Riot Games

At first, when I read “fishbone,” I immediately thought of Jinx since I knew Fishbones is the name of her rocket launcher. Although it’s not totally unrealistic for Jinx to talk to herself (or her gun), I should’ve realized this quote was more likely being said toward or in reference to the popular character from Arcane. If you also thought Jinx was the one saying this line, don’t feel like you missed the correct line of thinking—it also would have made sense if you picked a champion that’s Jinx-adjacent, such as Caitlyn or Vi.

It’s relatively rare for LoLdle to use quote clues that showcase one champion speaking to another, but on rare occasions, it does happen, so it’s not totally out of the question to have guessed a Piltover champion, especially if you’re familiar with the name of Jinx’s weapons.

This LoLdle quote makes even more sense once you realize it’s what Yuumi says while attaching to Jinx. Yuumi has a wide array of voice lines for the countless champions she can interact with by attaching herself to them via You and Me! (W). For example, she’ll make a comment on her “burning fur” when attaching to Brand and has a snarky comment about Nasus being a dog when attaching herself to him.

In hindsight, the emphasis on “fish” being capitalized in the quote should’ve also been a big indicator that this voice line is said by a champion who likes fish—or, more appropriately, likes eating fish.

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