When does the current Legends of Runeterra preview patch end?

You should probably use those Wild Cards soon.

Image via Riot Games

Earlier this week, Riot Games revealed several new games. But none seemed to be bigger than Legends of Runeterra.

LoR is a digital card game set within the world of Runeterra. It uses League champions and the lore surrounding them to fill out the available cards. A very limited beta, called the preview patch, allows players to play a very early version of the game, but that is about to end. 

The developers have already stated that a second, larger preview patch will be taking place in November, but the current version will be closing down on Oct. 20 at approximately 9pm CT. That means any players with access to the game will no longer be able to access it beyond Sunday. 

Like most betas, there will also be a wipe for any saved data so there will be a level playing field when the next preview launches. Any coins you purchase through microtransactions and use during the previews, however, will be given back to you once the reset happens. And if you want more information on the specifics of the account reset, you can read through the transcription of the Reddit AMA some of the devs took part in. 

There is no set time for when the second preview will launch other than it will take place in November. If you already have access to the game, though, you will automatically gain entry into the second preview. This will also let you into the official closed beta in early 2020 before the full game launches. 

If you have access to the game, there is no need to save those Wild Cards you have earned, feel free to use them and test out the cards you really want to before the preview ends on Sunday.