When does League’s Mecha Kingdoms event end?

Rack up tokens to unlock rewards before the festivities end.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games kicked off 2020 with a new League of Legends event. But instead of taking the traditional Lunar New Year route, the developer launched a new skin line and corresponding event: Mecha Kingdoms.

Mecha Kingdoms closely resembles previous Mecha skins. Jax, Leona, Draven, Garen, and League’s new juggernaut, Sett all received skins for this batch of battle robots. Mecha Kingdoms Garen also got the first Prestige Edition skin of 2020, which can be purchased from the event store for 2,000 tokens.

Like previous events, players will be able to complete missions to unlock a host of new rewards. For additional challenges and prizes, fans of the game can purchase the Mecha Kingdoms pass for 1650 RP from the League of Legends client store. After buying the pass, players will automatically unlock 200 Mecha Kingdoms tokens, an exclusive event icon, and four Mecha Kingdoms Orbs.

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The pass also grants players bonus tokens for playing games. Games on Summoner’s Rift award players with six or 12 tokens for losses or wins, respectively, while other game modes give out four or eight tokens after each match.

When does Mecha Kingdoms end?

League’s Mecha Kingdoms event ends on Feb. 18, giving fans over a month to participate in the festivities. Players will have until March 2 to spend any leftover tokens after the event wraps up.