When does League’s ranked season 10 end?

Not long to go.

Image via Riot Games

With Worlds 2020 having ended last month, the League of Legends ranked season is coming to an end. There are still some ways to go before the 2021 preseason, but the clock is ticking. 

It’s been a year full of ups and downs for League players, with new champions joining the fray on a continual basis. Aphelios in December 2019, Sett in January, Lillia in July, Yone in August, and Seraphine in October—each have had a significant impact on the meta.

The changes to the inner workings of League in the 2020 preseason, though, brought some of the biggest transformations to the game. The entire Rift was thrown on its head when Riot changed how dragons operated.

In the 2021 preseason, according to a recent end-of-season post, Riot is looking to remove inter-division promotion series in both flex and solo queue. This is to avoid “ranked inflation” and “rapid rubberbanding.”

Riot is also improving matchmaking quality in the preseason, “laying on new guardrails” called “ranked informed matchmaking.” These guardrails will ensure teams are more balanced from an LP and division perspective.

To top it all off, the developers are introducing a complete overhaul of the item system, chopping and changing items, adding 22 new “Mythic” items, and a dozen new and updated legendary items to the game.

League’s ranked season is expected to end on Nov. 10.

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