When does League of Legends season 11 end?

Is it November already?

Image via Riot Games

Each League of Legends season is a new opportunity for all players looking to prove themselves in the game’s ranked mode. All seasons are followed by brief preseason periods where players get to relax a little and try out new strategies. But when the official season kicks off, everyone puts on their game faces.

League’s 11th season kicked off on Jan. 8 with many balance changes. Adapting to the new season and the meta is another challenge that all players go through if they’re looking to climb up the ranks.

During a season, Riot Games hosts many events and introduces new champions in the process. Combined with additional balance patches, each League season is an adventure of its own and you’ll need to adapt on the fly to keep up with the competition.

When a League season finally wraps up, players earn rewards based on their final rank. From loading screen borders to avatars, you’ll be able to show off what you’ve been up to during a season.

When will League of Legends season 11 end?

Season 11 in League will end on Nov. 15. Like previous seasons, players who reach the Gold rank or higher will be awarded a Victorious skin, which will be for Blitzcrank this time around.

Riot should release more details regarding the specific date and the rewards as the end of the season approaches. Once a season ends, the preseason will automatically kick off. You’ll still keep your rank throughout the preseason, though, and it’ll only reset when the new one starts.

While you’ll still be able to rank up during the preseason, your rewards will be based on the rank that you finished the season with. 

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