What are the start times for League of Legends’ 2022 ranked season?

Get ready to kick off your ranked journey on the right foot.

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Welcome to the new year, League of Legends fans. It’s time to dust off your keyboards, clean your desk, and prepare for another 12 months of blood, sweat, and tears during the 2022 ranked season, which will begin on Friday, Jan. 7.

Not every region will be starting its ranked season at the same time, however. As a result, Riot Games is helping players get a head start on their climb to the top of the ladder by revealing the start times for players around the world.

Here are all the start times for each League region this coming weekend.

Region and local major cityLocal timePST Time
OC1 (Australia/Sydney)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 AEDT Jan. 6, 09:00:01 PST
JP1 (Asia/Tokyo)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 JSTJan. 6, 11:00:01 PST
KR (Asia/Seoul)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 KSTJan. 6, 11:00:01 PST
CN (Asia/Shanghai)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 CSTJan. 6, 12:00:01 PST
PH (Asia/Manila)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 PSTJan. 6, 12:00:01 PST
SG (Asia/Singapore)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 +08Jan. 6, 12:00:01 PST
TW (Asia/Taipei)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 CSTJan. 6, 12:00:01 PST
TH (Asia/Bangkok)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 +07Jan. 6, 13:00:01 PST
VN (Asia/Ho Chi Minh City)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 +07Jan. 6, 13:00:01 PST
RU (Europe/Moscow)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 MSKJan. 7, 17:00:01 PST
TR1 (Europe/Istanbul)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 +03Jan. 7, 17:00:01 PST
EUN1 (Europe/Warsaw)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 CETJan. 7, 19:00:01 PST
EUW1 (Europe/London)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 GMTJan. 7, 20:00:01 PST
BR1 (America/São Paulo)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 -03Jan. 7, 23:00:01 PST
LA2 (America/Buenos Aires)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 -03Jan. 7, 23:00:01 PST
LA1 (America/Mexico City)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 CSTJan. 7, 02:00:01 PST
NA1 (America/Los Angeles)Jan. 7, 04:00:01 PSTJan. 7, 04:00:01 PST

For Patch 12.1, Riot said all ranked accounts will be given a soft ranked reset of five tiers during their initial opening matches. For example, a player who’s ranked Gold I before the season kicks off will be set to Silver II when everything gets underway.

There will also be exclusive rewards for the first split of ranked play, including a special Vex summoner icon, Vex emotes, a Vex champion permanent, and a series one Eternals capsule. In this patch, players will even get a glimpse at the upcoming visual updates to ranked identity with the new Ranked Crests.

Image via Riot Games

These new crests have caused a few changes to several aspects of the game lobby UI for better visual clarity. Loading screen borders have been updated to match and every crest can be seen on each player’s profile, ranked page, game lobby, and friends list.

If you’re aiming to hit Challenger in 2022—or if you’re content with getting the Gold border—be ready when the new season hits Summoner’s Rift on Jan. 7.

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