Weibo Gaming hand EDG their first loss of 2022 LPL Spring Split

LNG Esports are the only remaining undefeated LPL team in 2022.

Photo by Clive Rose/Riot Games via Getty Images

EDward Gaming suffered their first series loss of the 2022 LPL Spring Split today. Weibo Gaming swept the reigning League of Legends world champions.

Two of the LPL’s top-performing teams in 2022, WBG and EDG, entered today’s match looking to show their dominance in an important matchup. EDG were looking to protect an undefeated start to the regular season while WBG were going for their fifth consecutive series win of the split.

The first game of the series began as a stalemate between two of the LPL’s top teams. It wasn’t until the 15-minute mark that EDG grabbed their second dragon of the game, which resulted in an immediate follow-up from WBG. WBG acquired mid priority and lane resets. Just two minutes later, WBG mid laner Angel and his teammates Ryze ulted onto EDG in the Baron river. 

At first, EDG burst WBG’s health before WBG began to clean up their opponents. EDG got a singular kill from this point onward. WBG grabbed real estate of the entire map and pushed for the game to win at 32 minutes.

In game two, it was all about TheShy on the Gwen pick, which he used to dismantle Flandre’s Renekton on the top side. At 16 minutes, TheShy held all three of WBG’s kills and helped the team get their first tower of the game on the top side. This lead slowly culminated into a slow choke out from WBG as EDG kept losing map control. 

While they held a dragon advantage, EDG had little opportunity to move past their base in a safe manner since WBG stood at the edge of their base for 30 minutes through the top and mid lanes. TheShy alone helped split attention from EDG, which resulted in a kill onto EDG mid laner Scout. WBG then used their Baron-empowered minions to close out the series against EDG.

While this was EDG’s first loss of the season, a loss was expected to come soon since the reigning world champions have shown signs of weakness throughout the 2022 season. With this loss, EDG fall to 5-1 in the 2022 LPL Spring Split, still in the top five. After their disappointing performance, EDG will attempt to bounce back against FunPlus Phoenix on Feb. 18.

As for their opponents, this monumental win for WBG improves their regular-season record to 6-1, putting them in a tie for second place alongside Royal Never Give Up, both of which are on more than five-game win streaks. WBG will look to improve their regular season scoreline to 7-1 when they take on Ultra Prime on Feb. 18.