Players will soon be able to ping enemy vision in League of Legends

The junglers are rejoicing.

Image via Riot Games

Players will soon be able to ping enemy ward locations to allies in League of Legends, after the feature hit the PBE today.

Ward alerts have been a long time coming. Players have been calling for the feature so they can alert their allies of any potential vision and deter them from remaining in a bush or ganking a lane if it’s just going to backfire.

The change will be most useful in competitive modes, such as ranked solo queue, where communicating with your team is already hard enough. Now players won’t have to rely on typing warning messages or praying for good fortune to alert their allies, and instead can do it with the flick of a button.

When a player uses the ping, a small eye icon appears on the map with an arrow pointed down towards the position of an enemy ward. It has been given a distinct look to separate it from the other alerts and is wide enough to be noticeable when an ally is far away or just about to gank a lane.

It is worth noting that the ping is not part of the game’s interaction wheel which allows players to alert teammates if an enemy is missing or ask players to follow them. It needs to be manually assigned in the game’s menu before they can use it.