Vizicsacsi to return to pro play in 2022

The former LEC top laner will be making a comeback.

Photo via Riot Games

After spending two years in retirement, veteran European League of Legends pro Vizicsacsi has officially announced his return to competitive play. The 28-year-old will look to return to Summoner’s Rift next year when the 2022 Spring Split begins.

The experienced top laner has played for multiple teams over his lengthy career, but he last competed with Splyce in their 2019 campaign. He ended that year with his first appearance at the World Championship and put up an admirable effort alongside Humanoid, Xerxe, Kobbe, and Tore before being eliminated by SK Telecom T1 in the first round of the knockout stage.

Vizicsacsi said afterward that he didn’t have any motivation to play competitively anymore and that he was going to try to find another path in life away from pro League.

“After my time at Splyce I felt like I was in need of a bigger break away from League, and during this period I could try out a few other things that I have always wanted to,” Vizicsacsi said in his announcement. “In the meantime though, having had the time to settle my thoughts and feelings, I started to enjoy League more and more and found my motivation once again.”

Over this year, he slowly made his way back home to the game to try and capture the one thing he hasn’t been able to win: an LEC championship. He first started playing a ton of solo queue again and was able to hit Challenger in a short amount of time. He also helped MAD Lions by joining the team temporarily as a positional coach alongside Armut and the squad eventually won the 2021 LEC Summer Split finals.

Now, Vizicsacsi has his eyes set on something that’s evaded him since he started his career in Europe. He’s come close to lifting the trophy, having been denied twice in the finals by Fnatic—he lost with Unicorns of Love in the 2015 Spring Split finals and he lost again during the 2018 Summer Split finals with Schalke 04. As a result, he’s one of the best players in EU history to never win a domestic championship.

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