6 November 2017 - 18:20

Victorious Graves and the rest of the ranked rewards are arriving this week

Graves might not be in meta at the moment, but at least his Victorious skin is really cool.
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All of your hard work grinding ranked queues day after day in League of Legends is finally about to pay off.

Victorious Graves, along with the rest of this season's ranked rewards, are arriving later this week.

The skin has fitted Graves with a new lionhead pauldron and sleek golden colors. It also comes with custom animations for his movements and combat, like the glitter-laced sparks he shoots with his Q and the giant golden lion from his ultimate ability.

Victorious Graves also comes with new sound effects, and you'll receive a chroma for the skin dependent on what ranked queue you played. By placing in Gold or higher in Flex, you'll receive the gold and dark green chroma. If you climbed in Solo/Duo, you'll get the white model, and ranked 3v3 players receive the blue and gold version.

This is the first ranked season that comes with varying styles for each ranked queue, along with the usual ranked borders.

Other ranked rewards coming this week include the new Victorious ward skin, icons, and more.

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