V5 step up in LPL Summer Split with victory over OMG

V5 continue their first win streak in the LPL.

Image via Riot Games

Victory Five kicked off the second week of the 2020 LPL Summer Split earlier today with a 2-1 win over OMG.

This was V5’s second victory in a row, marking the start of a promising split after they ended the Spring Split at the bottom of the standings without a single victory. The team is known for having the longest losing streak in League of Legends history with 23 consecutive losses.

After their disastrous performance earlier in the year, V5’s roster underwent an overhaul with the signing of six new players and Mole’s role swap from top lane to mid. A rebuild was necessary, but there were still many questions about the potential of this new roster.

And then, V5 won their first Summer Split match over DMO, surprisingly came into the match against OMG as the favorites, and lived up to the expectations today by earning another victory.

V5’s jungler Weiwei took control of the jungle in every game, even in the one they lost against the scaling composition of OMG. Their bot lane, consisting of South Korean rookie Samd and ppgod, also showed good synergy and dealt with the pressure from OMG.

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On the other side, OMG didn’t show the best version of themselves in this match. They almost lost their lead in game two but they won after a failed Baron attempt by V5.

V5 have started the split by leading the standings and getting their first win streak in the LPL since they joined in 2019. Even if the standings don’t mean much at the start of the split, it shows that V5 will finally be a team to watch closely this summer.

The LPL Summer Split schedule will allow V5 to face several middle-of-the-pack teams from the spring to try to stay at the top of the rankings before going up against one of the top LPL squads, RNG, on June 25.

OMG, on the other hand, have a tough match to prepare for. They’ll face off against Edward Gaming on June 13, who qualified for the Spring Split playoffs.